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All About QuickBooks And Account Ability Consulting

Whatever type of business you run, one thing is certain – you need to keep track of your finances. There will be revenue coming in, payments going out, perhaps a payroll to take care of, and certain taxes to pay at certain times of the year.


QuickBooks offers a solution for your business, and Account Ability Consulting can help to guide you in making the right choice for the way your company runs.

About QuickBooks & Intuit

QuickBooks offers a range of accounting software for sole proprietors and small businesses. Everything you need to do throughout your tax year is supported, including standard bookkeeping facilities for recording sales and expenditure, up to managing payroll for employees and the preparation of tax statements, ledgers, and reports.


You can also manage and pay bills, integrate with other programs, and even use special versions of QuickBooks as a point of sale processor, tracking inventory and customer information.


QuickBooks aims to make accounting easy and allow you to get on with running your business rather than spending all your time staring at a spreadsheet. The software runs on a number of different computer systems and is even available in a cloud-based version for the ultimate in portability.

What We Do

We understand that every business is run in a different manner, and each business has its own needs and goals. It’s our mission to understand what it is you need to be functioning effectively on an accounting level, and provide recommendations to you based on what we know you need.


There are several versions of QuickBooks all of which are suitable for different businesses, and we will help you choose the one that is most suited to you.


We can help you obtain the software, install it, and begin using it. You’ll need to set up your customer database, add in your vendors, and do all the little housekeeping chores that are necessary to get started.


It might seem daunting to do it on your own, which is why we offer our services to get you going. We can even help to get your initial balance entries right and set up your payroll information if it is required.


The training we offer starts at a very basic level and can continue until you are fully aware of how all the sections of QuickBooks integrate and you have become a competent user of the software.


We provide training on (among other things) producing an invoice for your customers, bill tracking, and configuring and producing custom reports to show you the information that is important for running your business.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online, or QBO, is the online version of QuickBooks that is accessible through a web browser. This means you can access your financial data from almost anywhere that you have an internet connection making it highly convenient.


Though the principles remain the same, the operation of the software is somewhat different from standard QuickBooks programs, and therefore we offer training that is specific to this variation.


QBO is extensible and can be integrated with services provided directly by banks, payroll companies, and other financial services.


Method: CRM training

To provide the best service to your customers, you need to know and remember as much about them as possible. To help relieve the pressure of trying to keep all this information in your head and to enable the option to share it with your team, it is advisable to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) package.


Method: CRM is such a system that allows you to not only build strong relationships with your customers by allowing you to easily attend to their needs. but also synchronizes with the data you have stored within QuickBooks.


You’ll be able to track customers from being interested leads all the way up to their first purchase and beyond. Being able to track customers in such a manner allows you more chances to close sales.


Leads are kept separate from QuickBooks until you choose to sync them as customers. This keeps the data in QuickBooks neat and tidy and lets you gain a true picture of where each individual customer is in the sales process.


As data changes, everything is synchronized in real-time to keep you and your team right up to date.


The concept of a CRM program is simple, but you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of data available and how to use it. Fortunately, we offer training for Method: CRM that will help you understand the important features and give you an insight on how to use them.

The QuickBooks Complete Package

From getting your finances in order to keep track of all your leads and customers, QuickBooks and Method: CRM is the complete package for helping you comply with all tax requirements simply and making the best sales possible.


Let Account Ability Consulting train you on how best to use these programs and take your business to the next level today.

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